Beyond Fiction: finished

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A couple of pages from the finished book 🙂


Beyond Fiction: feedback


Beyond Fiction: development


Here are very messy thumbnails of what I’m thinking of doing, but basically it’s a story about a person whose obsessed with unicorns. I think I’m making it into a book form aswell as having all the “evidence” in a box that people can look through.

Here’s a couple of pieces I have at the moment that are gonna be part of the narrative;


unicornspell unicornbook

Getting an idea

I think I’m going to do a book of notes left by someone whose obsessed with unicorns. Receipts, drawings, websites, forum posts, photomanipulations etc.

Beyond Fiction: Collage Workshop

We were supposed to image a place and think how that place would’ve looked in the past and how it will look in the future and then make a collage out of it. I couldn’t think of a place so mine’s more about the past and future of the whole human race.