Embroidery Experiments

Tried to do some embroidery on my mom’s sewing machine over Christmas on some random pieces of fabric. Then I tried to make the fabric into pencil cases:


I quite liked the feel that the sewing machine created, but it is quite laborous work, at least on a standard sewing machine. I think I’ll see when there’s an embroidery workshop at uni next. I made a drawing based on my embroidery. traveller3

I like how this turned out and will probably print it on something, whether pencil cases or just on paper….


First Collection

Here are the first 3 designs and the original illustrations I’ve put up on Etsy:
dessert2 dessert3

This teatowel was based on a Finnish saying “Elämä on epävarmaa, joten syö jälkiruoka ensin” which roughly translates as “Life’s uncertain so eat your dessert first.” I tried to use a traditional British dessert for the image, and drew a sticky toffee cake, but don’t think it quite looks it. Don’t think it matters that much though.

witchmountain1 witchmountain

This was inspired by what I wrote in a previous post already… In Finnish folklore, witches are women who dress ride around on brooms, own black cats and scare children. They like on a mountain called “Köypelinvuori” and only leave it on Easter. I didn’t think “Witches only come out on Easter” was a very good text so i changed it to “Witches only come out at night”

hometotebag copy home_totebag1

This was inspired by traditional Finnish and Scandinavian log cabins, where people used to live. A lot of people still have a log cabin as their “summer cottage”. The text is a saying I found, that I thought was quite fitting.