Work experience at Arcade Cardiff p.2

·       What have you learnt about yourself as you continue your placement in terms of skills, knowledge and about yourself?
That I need to initiate stuff myself, if I want something to happen.
·       How do you feel about the most recent experiences and have these feelings impacted on your work at any time?
The gallery hasn’t been as well organized as I’d liked so my willingness to work has gone down.
·       Have you completed or contributed to any particular projects so far?
I have finished a couple screenprinting works. I would’ve done more but ran out of material.
·       In what ways are you now better prepared for each day in work?
I feel more comfortable in the place.
·       Can you identify areas where you would like to improve your skills, and how do you hope to do this over your final days on placement?
I need to work on communication.

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