Work experience at Arcade Cardiff

·       What have you learnt over the last six or seven days while out on placement in terms of skills, knowledge and about yourself?

I’ve learned to be more independent and make myself work without having a brief.

·       What has been most enjoyable or beneficial to you over this time and why do you think this is?
Working in the studio doing my own screenprinting work and also seeing how a “business” like an art gallery is run.
·       What has been least enjoyable and again, why do you think this might be?
Bad communication with the manager and co-workers. I don’t think it’s one person’s fault, we all need to work on it.
·       Have you been able to develop any particular personal or job role skills over this time?
I’m being more independent and getting personal work done better,
·       Are there any areas in your performance where you could improve your input and, if so, how?
Just work harder on things.
·       How do you feel about the experience so far, and have these feelings impacted on your work at any time?
I’m feeling mostly good at the moment, despite some miscommunication but it hasn’t impacted on my work.
·       Can you identify areas where you would like to improve your skills, and how do you hope to do this during the coming placement days?
Work more in the studio getting stuff done, making a schedule for myself, work on communication skills etc.

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