Beyond Fiction: development


Here are very messy thumbnails of what I’m thinking of doing, but basically it’s a story about a person whose obsessed with unicorns. I think I’m making it into a book form aswell as having all the “evidence” in a box that people can look through.

Here’s a couple of pieces I have at the moment that are gonna be part of the narrative;


unicornspell unicornbook


Getting an idea

I think I’m going to do a book of notes left by someone whose obsessed with unicorns. Receipts, drawings, websites, forum posts, photomanipulations etc.

Beyond Fiction: Collage Workshop

We were supposed to image a place and think how that place would’ve looked in the past and how it will look in the future and then make a collage out of it. I couldn’t think of a place so mine’s more about the past and future of the whole human race.


Heart Of Darkness

These are my cover design and three illustrations for the Heart of Darkness book:






img033 img034 img038 img042 img055