Career Planning Workshop

We got a research task to find out about 2 different jobs we thought interesting or might want to do in the future.

Storyboard artist:

Storyboard Artists translate screenplays, or sequences from screenplays, into a series of illustrations in comic book form. Beside film, they also work in advertising and animation. Employers might be a design company, art director, film company, advertising agency etc.

Needed skills:

  • excellent drawing skills;
  • ability to think cinematically;
  • excellent communication skills;
  • ability to visualise perspective and 3-dimensional space;
  • ability to visually interpret other people’s ideas;
  • ability to draw and work quickly when required;
  • knowledge of the requirements of the relevant Health and Safety legislation and procedures.

Most storyboard artists are graduates from illustration, fine art or graphics design. It’s important to have a strong drawing portfolio. Knowledge of film making/camera work preferred.

Art Department Assistant:

Art Department Assistants provide support to other members of the Art Department, whilst gaining valuable initial experience from which to progress to more senior Art Department roles. Art Department Assistants work on a freelance basis. In pre-production, they spend most of their time in the drawing studio, making sure that the Draughtsmen* have all the necessary materials, including pencils, erasers, foam-core, card, spray paint, glue, detail paper, etc. Art Department Assistants are usually responsible for ordering materials for the drawing studio, carefully monitoring supplies and usage, and constantly anticipating what might be required. Art Department Assistants also perform basic running duties (making tea or coffee, fetching lunch for Draughtsmen working at their drawing boards, etc).

Usually employed by art directors in TV/film.

Skills needed:

  • ability to take direction and work as part of the team;
  • good communication and people skills;
  • initiative and awareness;
  • ability to respond; and to work quickly under pressure;
  • strong visual sensibility
  • keen interest in design, architecture and film.