Describing Creative Practice: Session 9

I couldn’t make it to the session so instead I thought I’d document my drawing progress;


tutorial2tutorial3 tutorial4 tutorial5 tutorial6 tutorial7 tutorial8 tutorial9 tutorial10 tutorial11 tutorial12 tutorial13 tutorial14 tutorial15


Charity Project

For this project I chose the “Time For Change” campaign, with is about speaking out about mental illness. I made 3 portrait posters that could possibly be used on bustops etc.

elephantposter1 copy

elephantposter2 copy

elephantposter3 copy

Sketches & earlier versions:

poster2_4 img029 img030 poster1_2

Describing Creative Practice Session 7&8



We practiced documenting by describing/making up stories about different objects. The first story on my notes is about an old Victorian envelope and the second one is about a small fork.

Describing Creative Practice Session 5 & 6

I was ill this week, but I read the “Making Sense: What can we learn from experts of tactile knowledge?” document on Blackboard.

I was about how people who have for example lost their eye sight can still make ceramics, paint etc. just by using their touch as a guide. The text concentrated on ceramics.

It made me think that maybe it would be good practice to try and for example try to draw with eyes closed, and try to “feel” the drawing instead of relying on sight. and see how different that would make the piece.