Subject: ‘The Palette’ Workshop

We had to choose one of two stories and make 6 images based on the story, thinking especially about palette and composition.

I chose Katherine Mansfield’s “Bliss.” The images don’t really have a narrative, I just wanted to explore the relationship between Miss Fulton and Bertha.

I’ll probably tie the original ones into a book. I’m happy with some of the images but others not so much… Also I think I should try using inks as you get much more vibrant colours with them than with pencils.

bliss1 bliss2 bliss3 bliss4 bliss5 bliss6

Tools: 2B Pencil, Coloured Pencils



One Comment on “Subject: ‘The Palette’ Workshop”

  1. Amelia says:

    Well done on these charming images Venla. You have really begun to explore the possibilities of powerful composition and interior monologue.
    When you are working on new briefs consider these images and your approach to them particularly in terms of characterisation and composition but also colour and technique. they really stand out amongst your work.

    Well done


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