Kaplan Calendar Workshop

The theme was partnership and collaboration. I started thinking about fotosynthesis, the collaboration between plants and the sun.

Final piece I sent off:


Earlier version:

kaplan2 copy


Charity Workshop part 2

I wasn’t happy with the poster I  posted before here.

So here’s my new try, much happier with this one:

indifference2_billboard indifference2_bus indifference2_page


Describing Creative Practice: Session 3 & 4

img026 img027

Charity Workshop

The task was to create a poster from a tag line of your choosing. I chose Red Cross’ “The greatest tragedy is indifference.” I decided to use the same red as used in the Red Cross logo. I made 3 different ones to be used in tube stations/full-page adverts, side of double-decker buses and on billboards.






img024 img025

Describing Creative Practice: Session 1 & 2

Notes I made:

img022 - Copy img023 - Copy

I found the creativity theory very interesting and I think it will be useful in the future.

In the end we made sensory objects in groups and our group made a kind of hat- thingie:


Editorial Workshop

I did an image for an article in The Global Panorama about humanity and religion.


Sketches & earlier versions:

sketches3 humaityvsreligion


img020 img021

Paper Theater

papertheater papertheater2 papertheater3 papertheater4


papertheatersketch1 papertheatersketch2 papertheatersketch3